VOIAJ Luggage protection textile cover

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Introducing Voiaj, The Suitcase Protector. A Concept by SESAM.

Luggage is expensive. The typical life-span of luggage can be ten flights or less depending on how durable your luggage is and how roughly it is transported. That is why we here at SESAM have developed the product concept we call Voiaj, the suitcase protector.

The Voiaj Extends the Lifespan of Luggage

 With the Voiaj flexible luggage protector that can significantly extend the lifespan of your luggage. No need to buy new luggage every six flights. No need to hope that your zipper lasts one more trip through the baggage tracks. No more worrying that your suitcase latch might give way, spilling your belongings all over the tarmac. The Voiaj can keep your luggage intact and your belongings where they belong.

The Voiaj Is Made of Flexible Yet Shock Resistant Material

The Voiaj is a suitcase cover made of flexible elastic. It is waterproof and shock resistant. Your contents are valuable. Voiaj can ensure that your luggage doesn’t rupture in baggage handling. The flexible, elastic design both protects your suitcase and ensures all its contents remain inside. Voiaj also protects luggage from shocks, scratches, punctures, and indentations.

Who Will Benefit From This Product?

The Voiaj will be ideal for frequent fliers, sports teams, business professionals, journalists, and world travelers alike. Also photographers, film crews, or anyone traveling with expensive and fragile equipment.

The color or design pattern of the Voiaj is completely customisable. Any company logo, color scheme, sports team, or brand name can be added to the outside pattern. This allows the owner to easily spot their luggage on the carousel. This feature also offers a chance to advertise any brand or company all throughout airport travel.

SESAM Is Seeking Investors and Manufacturers

The Voiaj is a fully developed product concept. SESAM is currently seeking investors and manufacturers to help us get this product to market. Contact us if you are interested in investing in Voiaj, one of the first products in this range.

VOIAJ Luggage protection textile cover

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