Underground transport system concept

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Introducing The Underground Transport System

SESAM is an innovation company with a vision to proffering viable solutions to modern-day challenges. We recognize that the world is fast developing and the crucial need to handle its attending demands.

The urban space is currently under the growing pressure of traffic congestion, given the continued expansion in different sectors. Therefore, the need arises to be more innovative about the transport system. To solve this challenge, our company has successfully developed a two-way underground freight transport system, to convey different items, even as big as a washing machine.

How the system works?

The system is electronic and computerized. It is fitted with two transport paths, and the cores make it easy to change the direction of the parcels. Packages are firstly sorted, sealed, and delivered through channels carefully dug across the cities. All buildings are connected and required to have special elevators for this purpose. Interestingly, this system has the potentials for a 24-hour operation daily.

Efficiency and reliability are the hallmarks of this innovation. A team is always on standby to monitor the movement of the packages in real-time.

The underground transport system is user friendly.

To show how seamless the process is, customers can request this service using a mobile application. The package scanning system keeps them abreast of the time of arrival of their packages. In the same vein, customers can utilize this system to send garbage bags and unused household items to recycling stations for reuse.

Change cities for the better.

In pursuit of a cleaner environment, noise pollution and greenhouse gases resulting from the unending movement of utility trucks and necessity traffic are greatly reduced. Reliance on this underground method of freight transport reduces traffic by a whopping 40%. Road users can therefore enjoy a freer road. Likewise, this arrangement is more economical and time-saving for everyone. 

With this system, it is settled that we are committed to resolving the hassles of logistics and promoting a cleaner and healthier environment. We welcome interested individuals, corporate bodies and government agencies for partnership and sponsorship of this innovative feat. How would you love to have cities with open traffic?

SESAM Is Seeking Investors and Manufacturers

SESAM is currently seeking investors and manufacturers to help us get this project to world. Contact us if you are interested in investing in The underground transport system, one of the first projects in this range.

Underground transport system concept

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