SHINE the smart window that washes itself

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SHINE the smart window that washes itself

SHINE it is a smart window that washes itself, controlled by application from a mobile device and has all the mechanisms integrated in the glazing frame.

How Shine The Self Washing Window works?

The system is controlled by an application installed on a mobile device: mobile phone, tablet etc. With this application, we transmit the desired command to a processor inside the frame. The processor controls two liquid pumps and an electric motor. The pump, located at the top of the window, absorbs liquid from the tank, pushing it under pressure through the micro holes, located on the bottom of the active element, over its entire surface. In the upper part of the active element, we have two rubber blades for collecting the used liquid which is transported in the second tank by means of the collector pump, located at the bottom of the window.

Who Will Benefit From This Product?

Both large companies and ordinary people will benefit from this product. Shine through its functionality, is designed to solve a multitude of problems, such as the windows on buildings skyscrapers, we all know how expensive it can be to maintain the windows in such a building, that’s why we designed Shine, self-washing window.

Shine can be beneficial even for smaller, house-type buildings, this window allows a more efficient way of maintaining and washing the windows of the house. Shine in addition to all the above, also offers shortening of time for washing them, due to the fact that it is operated via mobile phone, this function allows the organization of Shine windows to act simultaneously, which makes them washing more efficient and shortens the time of window washing.

SESAM Is Seeking Investors and Manufacturers

Shine is a fully developed product concept. SESAM is currently seeking investors and manufacturers to help us get this product to market. Contact us if you are interested in investing in Shine, one of the first products in this range.

SHINE the smart window that washes itself

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