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ADJUSTABLE: Easily adjusts in height to accommodate various sized items, never stretch or bend again to reach something. We combined state-of-the-art technology with beauty and ease of use to create a new Mobile Shelf that not only gives you more storage space but also draws to you. Effortlessly pack, unpack and store your clothes, groceries, tools, or just about anything. The Mobile Shelf Organizer is a small yet disruptive innovation that is a fitting alternative with the potential to be used in every household. EASY ASSEMBLY: Installs easily with four rails and spring loaded tension shelves.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Suitable for wardrobe, laundry closet, cupboard, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Our passion for organization is motivated by the desire to simplify life, making everyday items easily accessible, so you have for more time for what really matters. We believe a well-organized home makes life more enjoyable and that’s important to us. When well-designed smart products like the MOBILE SHELF Quick Release Adjustable Organizer help streamline household chores like putting away your laundry, life is more peaceful and your chores seem like less of a chore.

SPACE SAVING: Save up to 30% of additional shelf space

Tired of having to move stuff to get to what you actually want? Sick of things falling on the ground while you dig through your closet for that pair of pants you’re sure is there but can’t see? The MOBILE SHELF Organizer will create extra space in any closet or cabinet. It features no tool, quick release shelves that are easy to adjust to any height, accommodating a wide variety of items. This innovative, never-before-seen design is perfect for organizing your wardrobe, laundry closet, cupboard, bathroom cabinet, utility closet or virtually any space you want a perfect management system. Shelves are an easy and affordable way to make the most out of your available space.

COLOR CODED: Comes in various colors for better visual organization

The MOBILE SHELF Organizer system lets you keep the things you need and love close at hand and accessible. A sturdy metal frame is coated with durable recycled plastic and spring loaded quick release tabs make adjusting your shelves a breeze. Shelves are color coded for excellent visual organization at a glance and two small item shelves are included at no additional cost, perfect for things like socks or small parts. Create custom shelving in minutes with this impressive new organization product. You’ll wonder why all shelves are this easy!

SESAM Is Seeking Investors and Manufacturers

The Mobile Shelf Organizer is a fully developed product concept. SESAM is currently seeking investors and manufacturers to help us get this product to market. Contact us if you are interested in investing in Mobile Shelf Organizer, one of the first products in this range.

MobileShelf organizer

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