Installation for neutralizing dangerous gas accumulations and fire extinctions.GENEVA 2023 

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The invention ’’ Procedure and installation for neutralizing dangerous gas accumulations and fire extinctions within the loading compartment of a merchandise transportation vehicle’’, meant to increase efficiency and safety of general transportation activity, in maximum safe conditions and economic efficiency, in order to a superior improvement of auto, rail, aerial, naval transportation resources.

The invention refers to an installation equipped with input pipes and pulverization nipples of a neutralizing substance which may be: water, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbonic snow, etc. within the storing room, selectively, and under computerized control, trough pipes placed in the upper part of a vehicle compartment, all across its length being placed pulverization nipples of the neutralizing substance. These pipes are placed behind of some protection metallic shields on some glide intermediary bearings and at the two ends connected by some rolling bearings
; the pipes are equipped at one of the bottoms with a tilt mechanism formed of gear coupling reduction activated by an electric tilting engine and they are connected by fittings – through a flexible pipe, each one separately at a fixed pipe through which is brought the neutralizing agent by an auto striking pipe from a tank.

The technical problem which the invention solves, resides in insuring the installations for neutralizing the dangerous gas accumulations and fire extinctions from the loading compartment of a transportation vehicle, completely automatized and the safe transportation of loaded substances to the supplier, insuring protection against the potential noxious leaking.

The solution at this problem resides in the fact that the installation is made of two or more pipes provided with input pipes and pulverization nipples of a neutralizing substances and it has a controlling point and a computerized central command , with continuous surveillance, through electronic elements, like the gas detection sensors, infrared sensors, video cameras, etc.

By the procedure and the patented invention the following advantages are obtained: merchandise safety and transportation, continuous control of the enclosure in order to avoid accidents, high flexibility, important economic efficiency

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