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FunnyPigs helps educate children

Every parent of having all-around kids and a great education can be essential to getting those dreams on course.  One of the tools most parents ignore is the role content has in molding kids while educating them on new concepts. The FunnyPigs cartoon is a fun adventure that kids can follow throughout the world as they explore new adventures all over the world while drawing new lessons you would love to teach your kids. The animals on the program will help kids supplement kids’ knowledge on animals compared to plush toys.

The series aims to educate the piglets and in turn the audience values and emotions like love, empathy, and respect as well as explore beautiful flora and fauna in their natural habitats across the world rather than working from a single destination. It explores themes such as friendship while keeping it fun for the kids as they laugh at some of the crazy friends in the cartoon series and explore special topics.

Join the adventure!

FunnyPigs takes the adventure of three male piglet siblings Samira, Yummy, and Blue as they explore the world around them. Every season explores a new country, around the world, new friends, new habits as well as overcoming a new challenge. The piglets live with their parents Bono and Nane who help to guide them through life. Their adventure begins in Romania but it takes them across the world to experience a new culture and meet new exotic animals. The story begins with the birth of the three little piglets who are loved and adored by the entire family. The piglets are however naive and a bit spoiled, it is through their daily adventure that they learn new lessons, experience emotions and grow in the process.

Where the story begins?

Their story begins in Romania with their entire family and close friends Rebb (a bunny), Dong (a goat), Armill (a pony) Rena (a goose), Cip (a dog). All the characters are well developed so that both the kids and the parents watching the act can enjoy the story together. The first season also includes a lost golden penguin Bling-bling who is lost in the woods and rescued by the three piglets. Just like in real life the piglets are allowed to play around and experience crazy days and adventure the way kids do get to experience the world. It is through the guidance of their parents that the three piaget and their friends get to understand nature, emotions, and the importance of character.

The journey to Africa begins…

The piglets take a trip to Africa in the second season of FunnyPigs to visit their cousins. The piglets have to make new friends that are animals native to Africa. There is a lot of adventure as the piglets together with their cousins explore different climates and places within the continent.

While on their trip the piglets mistakenly travel to Antarctica. Luckily for them, their friend bling is there to save the day. He rescues the three and introduces them to his family in Antarctica. The fun and games begin all over again as they explore the cold continent. The cartoon is truly a great adventure that will interest the whole family.

Character Descriptions

Funnypigs have an assortment of well-illustrated characters that are attractive and will surely get the kid’s attention. It is easy to merchandise the character create plush dolls that can be marketed to the audience to help children have their favorite audience in their home. Here are the stuffed doll characters of all the cartoon series that have been made to an almost life-size. Each character has been given a unique color and decoration for easy memorization and attraction. The animals are adorable looking and as realistic as their real-life counterparts but just more colorful.


Blue is an adventurous adorable blue piglet. The doll is adorable at first glance.


Here is your favorite 40 cm pony for all wild adventures.


Nane is the adorable ever-beautiful responsive mother pig.


Bono is an understanding fatherly figure that resembles a green stuffed pig.


He is a cheerful and mischievous bunny anyone would love.


Get your gorgeous reliable dog friend who goes the extra mile


A careful swan who is not afraid to have fun with friends.


Get an inquisitive friend who there to get all to understand.


He is a beautiful and curious piglet who never wants to be left out.


Is a beautiful piglet who love nature and beauty in flower and other phenomena.


Sample Description

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