EASY the protection system around the hob / stoveGENEVA 2023 

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 EASY to Use: Simple to install and Bluetooth enabled

Saves Time and Energy: Prevents cooking oil and food from splattering against your counter and backsplash

Self-Cleaning: Retractable splash shield is self-cleaning

Built-in Display: Watch video recipes or your favorite TV shows while you cook

 Innovative Design: There’s nothing else on the market like the EASY!

Do you love cooking at home but hate cleaning up the mess? The EASY Self-Cleaning Oven Hob Backsplash Shield is a brand-new product with an innovative, never-before-seen design, that protects the area around your oven from food and cooking oil splattering against your walls, counter, and backsplash. We all know how grease can build up around your oven hob and EASY is here to help make cleanup painless and simple.

EASY installs around the base!

EASY installs around the base of your oven and has a retractable, non-stick, plexiglass shield that surrounds the oven hob. It’s clean, elegant, and modern design looks great in any kitchen. A simple user-interface makes it easy to use and even easier to activate its impressive self-cleaning mode.

A smart way of using Easy?

A Bluetooth enabled digital display connects to your smart devices so you can watch video recipes while cooking or enjoy your favorite TV shows. Compatibility with Apple, Android, and Windows devices ensures rock solid connectivity no matter what platform you use. When you’re done, the shield retracts back into the EASY base unit where it’s completely washed spotless using EASY’s patent pending self-cleaning system.

Easy saves a lot of time.

EASY not only saves you time and energy but also reduces overall energy use by keeping heat directed in towards your cooking surface and assures even heating for your food. Steam is naturally directed up towards your oven hood and EASY also protects your stovetop flame from drafts. Never before has a kitchen product made cooking cleanup so simple. The EASY Self-Cleaning Oven Shield — Saute, Boil and Fry without splattering your kitchen!

EASY the protection system around the hob / stove

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