Stefan Odobleja

Cybernetics is the theory of feedback control. The term has spread especially in connection with digital systems, but the field is much wider: cybernetics deals with the way a system (digital, mechanical, biological) processes information and reacts to it;

cybernetics is also interested in how systems change or allow changes to optimize their actions. The doctor Stefan Odobleja, the creator of psycho cybernetics and the father of generalized cybernetics, published in 1929 the study “The method of thoracic transonance” which he states for the first time the law of reversibility.

With the participation in the International Congress of Military Medicine in Bucharest (1937), he announced the publication of his capital work “Consonantal Psychology”, a work that makes public the first version of the generalized cybernetic conception and demonstrates its multi and interdisciplinary character. The cybernetic model,

starting from observations, intuition, and reason, was created by Odobleja in 1938 – 1939, but circulated ten years later in American literature and then in European literature, it was used and applied in a variety of fields. Since 1972, Stefan Odobleja has been studying the theory that the origin of cybernetics is in psychology.