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The field of innovation is crowded with talent, and we are always seeking to collaborate in new and exciting ways. Join us today by submitting the form below to discuss investing in the backbone of our company – our portfolio of creations, concepts, and unique inventions. We are excited to collaborate with creative individuals in a variety of industries.


As an investor, you are always searching for an innovative solution or engaging new product that is poised to take the world by storm. By assisting in the financing of prototype development for our portfolio of innovations, you are given the opportunity to grow along with us and share in our profitability, as we develop our products and bring them to market.


You may have a ground-breaking idea, or a sketch of the next great global invention, but what comes next? How do you present that fantastic one-of-a-kind idea to business owners or wholesalers? How do you develop the prototype? Well, that is where SESAM Innovation can step in as your trusted industry partner. We will fully develop your idea from initial concept, to production, to developing a marketing plan to put your product in front of the right business connections.

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