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Introducing SESAM’s Concept for Electrical Plumbing Tool

Threaded plumbing fittings can be difficult to work with for many reasons. SESAM is introducing a design concept for an electronic wrench system that can loosen and remove tough pipe fittings. The design includes various input settings that will change the way the electric plumbing tool works with the pipe fitting. The electric plumbing tool easily adjusts to work with a range of pipe fitting sizes. This tool can save workers and companies significant time and money.

Is Anything More Difficult Than Removing Plumbing Fittings?

Threaded plumbing fittings come in many different sizes, types, and materials, but they all become difficult to remove over time. Corrosion, erosion, sediment, expansion, and contraction caused by changes in temperature: all of these contribute to making threaded pipe fittings stick.

There are a limited number of tools and techniques designed to tackle this issue, and none of them make the job much easier. A monkey wrench with an extension bar for added leverage is the typical option. Applying large amounts of pressure or leverage risks breaking the pipe or fitting. A monkey wrench also requires adequate space and access to the fitting.

How The Electrical Plumbing Tool Makes It Easy

The electrical plumbing tool creates and controls its own leverage, fixing itself to multiple points of contact around a plumbing fitting. The contact points begin to rotate eventually causing the pipe fitting to loosen. The correct material must be selected for the tool to judge the right amount of force and pressure to use.

The electrical plumbing tool is shaped similarly to an electric drill and can be held the same way. It easily adjusts to various sizes of pipe fittings. If the plumbing job requires lots of pipe fitting work, this tool can easily save time. The electrical plumbing tool is much faster. Consider what it takes to remove a screw with a screwdriver compared to using an electric drill.

SESAM Is Seeking Investors and Manufacturers

To help us take this project to the next level, SESAM is seeking manufacturers and investors who can see the huge time saving potential behind this smart tool. In the plumbing, gas, and construction industries, pipe fittings are a part of everyday work. Imagine being able to offer a truely time and work saving product with this stand-alone concept. Contact us if you want to know more about this opportunity.

Electrical Plumbing Tool

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