About us:

At SESAM Innovation, we create solutions.

At SESAM Innovation, we operate on thought leadership, creating groundbreaking solutions that solve a variety of problems and offer the global marketplace unique and exciting innovations.

Our company is always on the hunt.

Companies are always on the hunt for new innovations that will give them a competitive edge -and ideas that haven’t been done before. Any business can clone someone else’s design, but it is only the true innovators that can offer unique products with novel value propositions.

We are looking for partners.

In order to advance our core company values, we seek to partner with the brightest minds and best innovators to bring new products to market. We not only create prototypes with assistance from our valued investors, we also develop full-service custom marketing solutions to attract interest and boost sales of our new inventions.

We are dedicated to our partners.

Our new and creative products are always designed and manufactured with a commitment to superior quality, and whether you join us as an investor or an inventor, you can be confident in partnering with us toward a future built on innovative solutions.

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Smart Collecting Toys Box

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Defenders of Walahia/Aparatorii Walahiei. Video Game Concept.

Defenders of Walahia is a game concept, which features four fearless defenders of a fairy-tale territory called Walahia. Led by the god-king Zamolxe and equipped by the most skilled fighters, whom...
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